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At Hazelton Hanlon Hart, our senior partners subject matter expertise, Industry experience, multidiscipline approach and suite of Integrated project Services, provides sound confidence in the resolution of contractor claims providing independent evaluation to avoid Litigation.

Our Forensic Services 
At Hazelton Hanlon Hart, our Senior Partners have validated claims and resolved disputes between Engineering and Construction Contractors, utilising our Independent Forensic Analysis Services to provide the factual analytics behind every claim. 

Our Forensic Claim, Delay and Extension of Time Services are prevalent to Contractors upon the Completion of the Construction Cycle, presented not only with the issues of Claim Justification, but where the Contractor has effectively lost Project Control through loss of Project Personnel and the Knowledge Base that accompanied the Project. 

Our Senior Partners offer unrivaled Forensic Services to assist Contractors to resolve disputes, offering Independent Anaysis and Valuation of Commonly Disputed Claims and Commercially Complex Claims within the Construction Industry. 
Delay and Claim Analysis
The best delay analysis is always the analysis that is concurrent with the Construction Activities
Forensic Delay Analysis
Assisting Contractors who are not only unsure of the methodologies of proving delays, but have also lost the Historical Knowledge Base
Forensic Claim Analysis
Piecing together Historical Documentation to provide the factual Event Timeline, Basis of Claim and Entitlement to Contractors
Extension of Time Claims
Contractors faced with the possibility of EOT rejection, Liquidated Damages or Backcharges from the Principal. Defining the Prolongation Costs
Independent Valuations
Providing Independence to the Dispute, assessing the Value of Claims in dispute to reach an agreeable and satisfactory financial outcome for the benefit of both parties
Our Success
Validation of Our Services and return on Investment to Contractors


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