Project Controls

  Hazelton Hanlon Hart are focused on providing Project services through our expertise in high level estimate validations, statistical and analytical reporting, commercial and risk management and the initialisation of project controls processes.
Successful Project Delivery requires Control of Cost and Time.

The Greatest imposts of Cost and Time are Change, "reactive change" represents Risk, "proactive change" represents Opportunity, both can be controlled.  

At Hazelton Hanlon Hart we provide the Controls and Analytic Reporting Tools that Protect Project Cost, Control the Risk, Manage the Time and Accurately Forecast the impacts on Project Timelines through Construction to Completion.  

Change Identification & Control
Our Team provide the tools to effectively analyse, identify and manage the Contract Provisions of Change, whether by way of instruction, revised documentation or drawings, unforeseen events, pricing requests, design changes or delays. Our estimating team provide accurate valuations with cost and time substantiation, inclusive of Measure and Assessment workings.
Our Senior Partners have produced and valued over $911,000,000 in cumulative value claim submissions through diligent change analysis and meticulous and succinct substantiation.
  • Change Management
  • Quantify and Assess 
  • Material Take-offs
  • Project Reporting 

Resource Management 
Our Schedulers work to produce the Visual Representation format,  quantify the effects of change upon the Projects current and future manning levels, impact to existing construction schedules and programmes and quantify the change mitigation strategies required to;
  • Substitute Procurement Lead Times vs Existing material Stocks
  • Minimise Impact on existing Tasks
  • Labour Productivity Loss on Allocation and relocation to alternate work fronts
  • Forecast additional Labour Requirements 
  • Analysis on resource Acceleration to complete
  • Extension of Time Entitlement
  • Impact on dates for Completion and Effect on Critical Path 

Critical Path Determination 
Determining and identifying critical path activities, from design, through to procurement and construction tasks, is critical to continuity and delivery of the works, any delay in Critical Path effectively delays Project and requires the forced repossession of Float or Slip allocated to sub-tasks off critical path in order to maintain project completion. 

At Hazelton Hanlon Hart we provide the services and management to effectively manage critical path tasks, resources, control the impact of changes, risks and opportunities on scheduling, forecasting and delivery timeframes.
  • Identification of Critical path and Sub-tasks that lie upon critical path 
  • Delay Mitigation on Critical path activities and sub-tasks
  • Analysis of available Slip/Float from existing Schedule
  • Acceleration costs

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