Contract and Commercial Dispute

Our Senior Partners extensive experience in various aspects of construction dispute resolution through mediation, arbitration and adjudication has provided expert testimony, validated by the nations most senior and respected Adjudicators resulting in multi-million dollar determinations.
Our Experience and Exposure within the Construction Industry across all sectors, provides for a comprehensive and effective knowledge base to draw from in which to Mitigate Contract Constraints, Delays, Disruptions and Navigate the Risk. We’re all bound by a Common Goal to deliver a Successful Project.

Our Experienced Team, combined with our Contract Management, Commercial and Dispute services, help to avoid disruption through due diligence concurrent to Project Delivery, provision of detailed documentation and reporting, contract administration and commercial management services, providing;
  • Contract Adminstration 
  • Commercial Management
  • Contract Management
  • Change Identification and Management
  • Progress Reporting

Legal Proceedings are costly, they expend time and resources that are better served in the Operational Functionality of your Business, impacting Project Margin and ultimately, Company Profitability. Should disputes exist that cannot be resolved, Hazelton Hanlon Hart provide and deliver a range of services Independent to Parties in Dispute, to help resolve disputes before they escalate.
  • Dispute resolution 
  • Executive Negotiation 
  • Progress Claim Assessments 
  • Independent Claim Valuations 
  • EOT Claims and Critical Path Impact
At Hazelton Hanlon Hart our Team offer Expert Services in the Building, Compilation and Composition of Supporting documentation in support of claims. Our Team has provided, produced and refined Commercial advisory procedures to both Validate and Substantiate Documentation for Reputable Construction Contractors, Sub-Contractors, EPCM's and JV's, for the purpose of Dispute Resolution before Litigation is an option. 

Our senior partners experience is regularly called upon to provide advice and assistance on Commercial Construction Litigation Cases, to the nation’s leading Construction Contractors, Soliciting and Law Firms as well as other Independent Consultancy Organisations, due to our Industry Experience and Project Knowledge in the form of;
  • Forensic Delay Analysis 
  • Critical Path Methodology’s
  • Extension of Time Claims 
  • Event Timelines
  • Resourcing Histographs 
  • Provision of Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  • Expert Opinion Reports and 
  • Expert Testimony 
Our senior partners expert testimony and experience has been validated by the nations most senior and respected Adjudicators in multi-million dollar determinations.

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