Forensic Claim Analysis 
Not all Contract Variations make money, if anything, the majority of Contract Variations have an adverse effect on Labour Productivity & Existing Construction Schedule Tasks. They demand immediate financial commitment, expose the Contractor to Increased Risk and can ultimately negatively impact Operational Profitability. 

At Hazelton Hanlon Hart our Forensic Claim Analysis services account for the Time and Cost imposts and cumulative effects that are often overlooked in the valuation of contract variations and development of the Time Impact Analysis on Existing scheduled construction activities on Project, through to business operations. 

Site Effects
Contract Variations are more often than not, performed concurrently with Contract works, the effects on site of performing Contract Variations not only has an adverse effect on Site Management, Supervision and Trade Labour, but also the deliverables from which the additional works are performed 
  • Delays between Variation Submission and Direction to Proceed 
  • Incorporating Change into Construction Schedules 
  • Redirection of Existing Resources 
  • Increased Supervision and Management Time
  • Labour Escalation and Acceleration 
  • Reduction in Labour Productivity 
  • Updating and Re-drafting Drawing Deliverables
Business Effects
Our Forensic Claim Analysis Services look not only at the performance of the works, but capture the detrimental effects and adverse conditions on the Business as a whole, related to the performance of Contract Variations, such as 
  • Additional Management Cost
  • Finance Costs and Effects on Cash
  • Late Release of Retention 
  • Increase and Extension in Overhead and Statutory Costs, such as Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Incorporation of Additional Works into Contract Deliverables IOM’s and MDRs
  • Defect Liability Provisions 
  • The Consequence of Risk to Dates for Completion 
Project Conditions 
Our Forensic Claim Analysis services also account for the actual, physical conditions encountered, and the resultant effects, in performing the works during Contract Execution, such as
  • Project Location and Size
  • Project Access and Egress 
  • Works Performed at Height
  • Environmental Effects
  • Shift Works, Scheduled and unscheduled Overtime
  • Coordination of Variation Tasks vs Contract Tasks
  • Trade Labour Density & Quality
  • Procurement and Project Storage
  • Simultaneous Operations 
  • Performance of Contact variation Works to Compressed Construction Timeline
  • Effects on Existing Construction Tasks

The conditions, effects and delays described above, have the ability to Negatively Impact the Productivity rates of both Direct and Indirect labour, estimated within the Contract variation submission, from Multi-Storey Installations to the increased demand of unscheduled overtime, problems with access and commencement, materials invoiced unable to be claimed until installed and removal of Task Float from existing schedules all have the ability to reduce the efficiency of the individual performing the works and the wider crew of Trade labour performing the works on Project.

In effect, the above results in reduced or negative contract variations margin and ultimately results in Increasing of Labour Density within already Scheduled Tasks, compressed to make up for lost time on execution of Contract Deliverable Works.


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