At Hazelton Hanlon Hart,

We work independent of the parties in reaching agreements on the Value of Claims, before the parties refer to the Costly and Time Consuming Impost of Adjudication, Expert Determination or Litigation. 

Disputes between parties over both the value and substantiation of Claims can be resolved utilising our suite of Integrated Project Solutions in reaching financially beneficial agreements on both common and complex commercial claims. 

Our Senior Partners work collaboratively with both parties, with complete transparency in communication, progress, findings and evaluations. Our Construction Industry experience, commercial acumen, proven claim methodology’s and expert Industry Consultants are available to work collaboratively in substantiating and valuing both common and complex claims that may give rise to a dispute between parties, such as
  • Variation Claim Valuations 
  • Time and Cost Analysis
  • Time Impact Analysis 
  • Extension of Time Claims 
  • Prolongation and Labour Escalation 

Our Final Reports delivered to both parties for review contain full substantiation of the derived valuation and assessment, containing complete and detailed;
  • Overview of Project Conditions 
  • Gap Analysis of Extra Over Scope Allowance
  • MTO’s, 
  • Labour and Materials Rates
  • Drawings and Documentation


To learn more about our integrated suite of services and solutions, or to collaborate with us on your next project, call us today on the number below or send Hazelton Hanlon Hart an email.
1300 765 330
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